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Our company, which started Bar Feeder Manufacturing in the sector, produces reliable, robust and high quality machines with perfect design with its sector experience gained over many years.


We review all elements of R&D, design and prototyping processes and production systems, catch innovations and reflect them quickly on our customers’ work.


We offer individual solutions specific to each of our customers and their brands. In order for your brand to reach its goal, we determine all its needs and produce result-oriented models.

Red Makine
Reliable Engineering Design

RED Makine who starts manufacturing of bar feeder in Turkey uses all investment, experience and knowhow to develop and produce ROBUST Bar Feeders. With more than 25 years of experience, RED Makine, leader of market, produces reliable, strong and high quality bar feeders. With its experienced service and spare parts supply, RED Makine ensures an after-sales service.

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There is no risk of vibration as the entire material rotates in its spindle. Especially in hexagonal, profile and large diameter materials, high speeds can be reached.

Thanks to the servo motor, the material positioning is precise. It does not hit the turret and the brace.

With the polyurethane casting bed and the antivibration system with easy diameter adjustment, vibration-free rotation of the material at high speeds is ensured.

Thanks to the servo motor driving system, PLC and special software, precise lengthening is carried out, material backflow and measurement errors are prevented.

With the polyurethane cast bed and V type antivibration system, vibration-free rotation of the material at high speeds is ensured.

Channels of four different diameters are combined with a single monoblock bearing system. In this way, diameter changes can be made in a short time.

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