Robust 80



Because of whole barstock is returned in spindle, there is no vibration risk. Thus, the machining can be done in required rpm.

Thanks to the servo motor, material positioning is accurate. It does not hit turret and stopper.

With the V type channel system suitable for every diameter, the bars move smoothly without being damaged. The short remrants can be loaded.

The beacon lamp is used to remotely observe the operating, it has user friendly touch screen.

The interventions can be easily done with LED light inside the barfeeder and electric panel.

The barfeeder can be moved on X-axis rail. Thus, interventions can be easily done on lathe and headstock.

With automatic loading system and diameter setting, the diameter
changeover can be done in a short time.

Diameter Ø 6-80 mm
Diameter Setting Automatic
Bar Length 150 – 1500 mm(max.spindle length)
150 – 1200 mm (max.spindle length)
Loading Rear loading rack
Loading Capacity 650 mm (65pcs / 10 mm)
Headstock Type Fixed
X Axis Retraction 500 mm
Motor Servo
Bar Loading System Automatic

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There is no risk of vibration as the entire material rotates in its spindle. Especially in hexagonal, profile and large diameter materials, high speeds can be reached.

Thanks to the servo motor, the material positioning is precise. It does not hit the turret and the brace.

With the polyurethane casting bed and the antivibration system with easy diameter adjustment, vibration-free rotation of the material at high speeds is ensured.

Thanks to the servo motor driving system, PLC and special software, precise lengthening is carried out, material backflow and measurement errors are prevented.

With the polyurethane cast bed and V type antivibration system, vibration-free rotation of the material at high speeds is ensured.

Channels of four different diameters are combined with a single monoblock bearing system. In this way, diameter changes can be made in a short time.

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